The vertical distribution of zooplankton in stratified mesotrophic Lake Arakhley (Eastern Transbaikalia)

  • Itigilova M.Ts. 1
  • 1 Institute of Natural Resources, Ecology and Cryology Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy Sciences, Nedorezov Str., 16-a, 672014 Chita, Russia
Keywords: zooplankton, species composition, vertical distribution, temperature, Lake Arakhley, East Transbaikalia


We have studied the vertical distribution of zooplankton of a stratified mesotrophic lake. Thus, in August 2011 and 2013, copepods dominated the composition of the zooplankton of the mesotrophic Lake Arakhley and had a density maximum either in the upper euphotic layer or in the area of the metalimnion, with a gradual decrease in the lower layers of water. By 2013, the zooplankton community changed and mainly consisted of cladocerans, and they both dominated in numbers.