Patterns of organic lacustrine sedimentation in surroundings of Lake Ladoga and palaeogeographical background.

  • Kuznetsov D.D. 1
  • Ludikova A.V. 1
  • Subetto D.A. 2
  • 1 Institute of Limnology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Sevastyanova str. 9, St. Petersburg 196105, Russia
    2 Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Moika 48, St. Petersburg, 191186, Russia
Keywords: Holocene, Lake Ladoga, lake sediments, loss on ignition, organic matter


The study of organic matter dynamics in small lakes sediments in the Lake Ladoga area during the Late Pleistocene Holocene enabled identifying certain patterns corresponding to the main stages of the paleobasins evolution, from the Baltic Ice Lake, to Lakes Ancylus and Ladoga, and subsequently to the present-day small lakes.