Application of paleolimnological methods in study of ecosystem transformations in reservoirs

  • Razumovsky L.V. 1
  • 1 Water Problems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Gubkina str. 3, Moscow, 119333, Russia
Keywords: reservoirs, anthropogenic load, phytoplankton, diatom complexes


The paper is devoted to the assessment of long-term environmental changes in artificial reservoirs. The novelty of the research consists in combnation two traditional methods: analysis of diatomic complexes from sediment columns, which usually used in paleolimnology, and analysis of phytoplankton complexes, which commonly used in biomonitoring. In addition to combining these two methodological approaches, a correlation was made between hydrobiological and hydrochemical observations in reservoirs. This allowed us to get a qualitatively new level of information about the development of reservoirs as a single ecosystem. The degree and direction of transformation of their ecosystems under the influence of integrated anthropogenic load was reliably estimated. The paper uses the authors method of graphical analysis of taxonomic proportions in diatom complexes and the principle of unification of bioindication methods.